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SB Boards

System Features:
  • Access Classes - The system allows different access classes per user so that the administrators can give different permissions to different users.

  • Account Password - User's must set a password for their board account so that only them may log into it.

  • Active Topic's List - Shows the topics that have been posted in the latest.

  • Administration Panel - Allows the board administrators to manage all aspects of the board system.

  • Arcade - Here user's can play games while they wait for whatever it may be.

  • Auto Refreshing Pages - User's can set the board pages to auto refresh so they do not continuously have to click on links.

  • Blogs - A blog is an online public diary/journal where a user can post what has been happening in their life and other user's can read about it and comment on it.

  • Board Skins - Administrators can set default stylesheets for the whole system, and boards. User's can also choose their own stylesheets in case they do not like the default ones.

  • Display Settings - Users can modify various visual aspects around the system.

  • Edit Messages - After a message has been posted it can be editted for a set amount of time (to correct errors).

  • Emoticons - Emoticons (AKA smilies) can be posted in users messages and managed by the board admins.

  • Favorite Boards - Allows users to add boards to their favorites so that they appear at the top on the main board page for quick access.

  • Help Area - Helps users get to know the many board features and how to properly use them.

  • Icons - User's can associate an icon with their username so that it will display under all of their posts. Users also have the option to submit icons to the system. All icons submitted must first get the approval of an admin before they will appear in the icon list.

  • Important Topic's - Topic's that will be displayed at the very top of every single board.

  • Mafia RPG Game - User's can take a break from the board system and kick back with a mafia role playing game.

  • Markup Codes - Messages posted can be formatted with special board markup codes.

  • Member Update - Ranks the top 50 members of the board system by postcount or WUL count.

  • Moderation - Board administrators have the ability to set certain users to a "Moderator" status, these user's then have the power to edit and remove post's/topic's.

  • New Boards List - Shows the last 20 boards that have been added to the system.

  • New Users List - Allows board members to see who the last 100 newest registered users are.

  • Polls - An alternative to posting topics, a poll lets members vote on options for a specific question.

  • Postcount Stars - User's will get a star beside their username based on their postcount.

  • Private Boards - Board administrator's can create private boards that only invited users may see and post in.

  • Private Messaging - Using this feature a user can contact another user privately about whatever they wish.

  • Quick Reply - When enabled by the board administrator this will provide a quicker way to reply to topics, this is really the reply page just built into the bottom of the topic page.

  • Right Click Menu - When a user enable's this for their account (via their Display Settings) when they right click using their mouse instead of seeing the browsers default "right click menu" they will see a menu customized for the board system.

  • Search - A very handy tool when it comes for finding specific posts on the board system and you do not feel like navigating through numerous pages.

  • Send A Friend Links - When a user finds a helpful, funny, or just great page on the board system these links will allow them to email it to their friends.

  • Staff List - Allows for the board members to view the staff members, and even make quick contact with them if necessary.

  • Sticky Topic's - These topics are like "Important Topic's" but will only show up on one board, not every single one.

  • Store - This aspect of the board system allow's user's to buy things for their account with money they have earned by posting or playing the Mafia RPG Game.

  • Top Poster's Page - Another form of the board's member update, except this page will sometimes display more then just the top 50 users, and it sorts them into categories according to their postcount.

  • User Comments - Also known as "Tags" these are just a more public form of private messages.

  • User Profile's - User profile's are basically a general information page about that user.

  • User Signatures - Signature's are attached to the bottom of every single post a user makes.

  • User's Online List - Here the user's who have been active in the past 60 minutes can be viewed.

  • User's Post History - Display's all of a user's posts in chronological order from most recent to earliest.

  • Username Colors - Certain user's can choose colors to format their username with, this is usually so you can distinguish more important members of the board system easier.

  • Watched User List - Usually refered to as "WUL" this is a way for board member's to contact and track other board member's with ease.