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What Is An Anonymous User?

An anonymous user is someone who has posted a new message without logging in to the board system. Some boards do not allow anonymity.


What Is A Board?

A board contains a listing of topics and replies. Topics in a board are usually sorted by the date they were added or updated with new replies.


What Is A Category?

A category simply organizes a grouping of boards. Making it easier to locate boards with similar topics.


What Is An Insider?

An insider is a board member with extra priviliges, for example being able to view boards other members can't. Or in some cases they will be able to post topics or polls when regular users can't. Sometimes they will even be able to reply to topics when normal users can't.


What Is A Locked Topic?

A locked topic is a topic that has had the reply feature disabled in it. This could be for several reasons like the topic had inappropriate context in it or the author's question was answered, or whatever reason it may be. A topic can only be unlocked by a moderator or the topic starter (as long as it is in the author's edit time). Usually once a topic has been locked it won't become unlocked. In the topic lists, a locked topic will have a strike through the topics subject so you know which topics have been locked.


What Is A Poll?

A poll on SB Boards is a graphical listing of total votes associated with 2-10 answers to a single question. Only registered users are allowed to create new polls and vote on existing ones. Only 1 vote per user per poll is allowed. Polls may or may not be allowed on a particular board.


What Is A Private Message?

A private message is a new message that is only visible to the sender and the recipient. Only registered users are allowed to send private messages. Private messages are alot like e-mails, but are only visible while using the board system.


What Is A Registered User?

A registered user is someone who has signed up a username/password and logged into the boards. Certain board features, like private messages, are only available to registered users.


What Is A Reply?

A reply is a message posted in response to a topic. Just like topics, replies contain a subject and a body. Replies are usually sorted underneath the main topic by the date they were added.


What Is A Signature?

A signature is a brief amount of text appended to every message a user posts. A signature usually never changes and can often be thought of as an autograph for that user.


What Is A Topic?

A topic is a new message posted by a user. A topic contains a subject and a body (just like an e-mail). Topics can receive unlimited responses from other users, known as replies.